Visit Us During Construction!

We are open! Please find details on how to get to us and where to park during the Third Ward Construction project.

From Monday, September 23 2019 to approximately Monday, December 2, 2019:

On the 200 and 400 blocks of Buffalo Street, traffic is restricted to westbound only with NO street parking.

Here’s what’s open: all sidewalks; Broadway, Water, and Milwaukee Streets for traffic and parking

Where To Park To Visit Us:

Please park along the 200 block of N. Milwaukee Street.

There are four loading zone parking spots heading northbound & four 30-minute parking spots heading southbound.

Enter our building from Milwaukee Street, or walk the pedestrian ramp to reach the Buffalo Street entrance.

There is also a spot available in our paid parking lot along Jefferson & Buffalo Street. Call the gallery at 414-431-5050 and I can give you instructions.

If you would rather schedule pick-up and/or delivery during construction, please contact me. I’m happy to schedule a time with you!